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( 05.06.2006 21:55 )
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Site News
( 03.06.2006 15:04 )
We are sorry for recent service interruptions on this website. First, there was an outage at Then, we transferred the site over to a new server and provider at Now, I have complete control over the site in order to make some improvements that I have wanted for some time. First, I fixed the link to the bug tracker. We are back to using SourceForge now, which is fine with me.

Also, I removed the PayPal link. While there have been a fair number of donations, and we are most gracious for those, it has not been financially rewarding and hardly helpful even at desparate times. In short, there is little value in it for our project. There was some intention to develop features in exchange for a donation, but that did not really happen, and I can not commit to that sort of thing now anyways. Sometimes, I just re-donated the funds to another project! I am quite content with the expressions of gratitude in the e-mails and forum posts.

( 15.04.2006 11:39 )
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( 06.01.2006 13:18 )
Utilizing dvgrab, RedHat Fedora Core 3, on an old Fujitsu Tablet, I now have a portable video capture device that works great.
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( 25.11.2005 12:13 )
Download Kino 0.8.0

This release consists of a lot of small improvements and refinements.
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( 25.11.2005 12:10 )
My new toy was a JVC miniDV camera and the windows based software sucked , it wouldnt work , since I'm a Linux user I thougt I'd try it out on my Linux box
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( 25.11.2005 12:09 )
Utilizing dvgrab, RedHat Fedora Core 3, on an old Fujitsu Tablet, I now have a portable video capture device that works great.
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spam in the discussion forums
( 18.05.2005 19:56 )
Due to recent spam activity, we had to close the forums to registered users only. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kino 0.7.6 released
( 18.05.2005 19:51 )
Download Kino 0.7.6

This release is mainly a bugfix release. The Debian developers and users have submitted major fixes for big endian and 64bit architectures. Kino should run quite nice now on PPC and x86-64 when built against FFMPEG libavcodec for DV decoding.

As for new stuff, we have added some new Norwegian and Basque translations (still no Deutsche, c'mon!). I have added some new export scripts towards making content more suitable for the web and mobile phones -- I will blog about that.

Dan Dennedy's blog
( 17.05.2005 18:31 )
Dan Dennedy, long-time Kino developer, has a blog if you want to read it. I mention new developments in Linux 1394, DV on Linux, Kino, dvgrab, MLT, and mobile multimedia, and who knows what's next!

( 17.05.2005 18:28 )
I never write titles like that, but it's never been this easy...
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( 17.05.2005 18:27 )
My Samsung MiniDV that I had for three years and hiccupped with any 1394 device
fried from just charging and rewinding a dv tape at the same time. I bought a new Canon Elura 60 and it works great with Kino!
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New domain name -
( 26.04.2005 19:31 )
We have a new domain name that is easier to remember. Try

( 26.04.2005 19:26 )
You might be surprised to find two new versions of dvgrab released at the same time! Well, 1.8 is the last bugfix release of the current major release, and 2.0 is the next generation release that requires a new library not everyone is ready to install.
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dvgrab 1.7 released
( 29.11.2004 21:54 )
This is a bugfix release. It fixes a hanging bug when trying to stop capture due to blocking I/O calls on 1394. These were moved to non-blocking I/O. Also, you should be able to accurately capture 1 number of frame using "--duration smpte=:::1".

Kino 0.7.5 released
( 31.10.2004 09:39 )
* New icons and About dialog image - thanks Andreas Nilsson!
* Added dual pass output in Export/DV Pipe.
* Addded a dual pass FFMPEG DVD export script.
* Bugfixes and type 2 AVI performance improvement.

( 30.09.2004 20:57 )
This release adds French, Czech, and Spanish translations. Besides the addition of a ffmpeg2theora script, there are also bug fixes and minor user interface refinements.
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( 10.09.2004 10:11 )
The new ffmpeg2theora utility makes it easy.
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Kino 0.7.3 released
( 09.08.2004 15:40 )
This release fixes new critical bugs introduce in 0.7.2 as well as some old ones while fixing up the desktop entry file and adding an application icon. Get it now.

( 26.07.2004 18:57 )
Today I released new versions of both dvgrab and Kino. There are mainly bugfixes with only a few new features. Follow "Read more" for release notes.
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