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Kino user makes Varsha DVD authoring tool
( 15.05.2004 08:49 )
Varsha is a DVD authoring tool for Linux. It is written in Java. It uses already available command line programs such as dvdauthor, dvd+rw-tools, mkisofs to do various things in background. It is still in early stages of development but is usable in general.
See for more information.

( 09.04.2004 13:24 )
The new FX UI in Kino 0.7.1
Major new features include metadata editing, 3 point insert editing, some dvdauthor integration, mouse wheel support, and numerous user interface enhancements.
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Use the FAQ Discussion Forum
( 06.04.2004 21:03 )

( 06.04.2004 20:58 )
The first High Definition Disk Drive Recorder running on Linux in which the clients receive the source code. (From the editor: This is not directly related to Kino or dvgrab, but the article was submitted, and we like these guys.)
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( 06.04.2004 20:54 )
I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone! I managed to get my Panasonic MX500 to work with my Gentoo Box, and i must say it works like charm!
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Pan and zoom your stills to make dv files
( 06.04.2004 20:52 )
Pan and zoom your stills to make dv files with stills2dv

( 18.01.2004 09:46 )
This release fixes bugs in AVI writing, the --every option, and when using camera mode. Also, --autosplit is enhanced.
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( 18.01.2004 09:43 )
Using DV Pipe mechanism you can adjust the parameters for your preferred export format and save them for later convenient use from inside Kino. I will show you what I did to export a movie into DivX with custom bit-rate and crop band size values.
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( 18.01.2004 09:39 )
[Ed. This was submitted in May 2003, but it was overlooked, so I wanted to post this since the user has such an enthusiastic success story. :-) ]
Red Hat 9 - JVC GR-DV3000U, Pyro ADS firewire card
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( 18.01.2004 09:32 )
This release fixes bugs in AVI writing, the --every option, and when the camera is in camera mode. Plus, --autosplit is enhanced.
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( 15.12.2003 15:13 )
Finally, the GTK2 (GNOME2) port of Kino has arrived! It was not a simple, straight port. We tried to make nice improvements to the GUI overall. Plus, there is a new feature, a scriptable Export/DV Pipe.
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( 24.11.2003 20:24 )
This is a bugfix release and might be the last GNOME1 release before upcoming potentially less stable GNOME2 releases.
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( 24.11.2003 20:17 )
This is a bugfix release to the new features in dvgrab 1.3 plus a new option to select a device if more than one DV device is available.
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( 18.11.2003 03:29 )
Once again, my proprietary OS gave up the ghost, stuck it's legs up in the air and died. Now what? The fear of leaving Pinnacle Studio for a Linux solution put fear and dread in my heart. However, I found that most of my fears were unfounded.
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( 08.11.2003 12:47 )
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( 02.10.2003 10:59 )
smilutils 0.3.0 features a bunch of new utilities for video fx, fullscreen DV playback (supporting all of kino's file formats and DV pipes) and even a utility to transcode DivX, mpeg and many otler formats to Raw DV.
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( 26.09.2003 12:20 )
dvgrab 1.3 is a another major update with new features including AV/C interactive mode, automatic detection of camera on any 1394 card, rawdv on stdin, .dif rawdv support, and capture duration option.
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( 19.06.2003 03:15 )
Thomson VMD 130 works great with Linux !
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( 27.05.2003 12:30 )
The hush PC
After I have seen reports on a new very cool design featuring the new Mini-ITX main boards from VIA Technologies Inc., I decided to try this one. It has on-board firewire too, besides the usual interfaces, so it should make a decent DV/MPEG/MP3 player/ripper/copier.
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( 01.05.2003 21:38 )
I just have managed to configure my system to grab the videos from the Digital8 camera and convert them to MPEG.
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