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User contributed code

( 27.05.2009 21:03 )
This utility will search any file and look for what appears to be a DV
video frames and copy them into a new Raw DV file.
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( 02.10.2003 10:59 )
smilutils 0.3.0 features a bunch of new utilities for video fx, fullscreen DV playback (supporting all of kino's file formats and DV pipes) and even a utility to transcode DivX, mpeg and many otler formats to Raw DV.
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( 04.04.2003 06:21 )
In keeping with tradition, it's been a long time since I've released a new version of smilutils :-).
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( 08.02.2003 10:00 )
Micro MV is a new Sony video format on some of their camcorder models. This article contains information a community of users and developers have gathered to capture this format and make use of it.
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( 21.10.2002 22:59 )
I have adapted the avi2pics program, which was available on the old Kino website, to work with the latest libdv release. This release now works with Debian 3.0.
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( 31.08.2002 04:09 )
This website is built on the eZ Publish content management system, one of the more powerful free CMS available. To learn more about eZ Publish, visit or .

An article in eZ Publish contains the text plus formatting tags that are similar to HTML tags. To learn what tags are available and what one can do with them, read this article.
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