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Contains the developer handbook

( 15.09.2002 12:04 )
We are currently working towards the Kino 0.60 release. Charles has written a test case document for the most critical parts of the Kino application, which are the dirty document handling and the FX housekeeping. If you use Kino, please use this test case document to get an idea what needs testing. To get the very latest Kino release, download the latest cvs snapshot from the Kino Download Page or fetch it directly from CVS.

If you find a problem, please report it in our Bugzilla bug tracker . Any bug reports or suggestions for improvement are welcome.
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( 03.09.2002 21:54 )
This document provides a brief HOWTO create new plug-ins to the Kino Magick sub-system.
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( 31.08.2002 04:09 )
This website is built on the eZ Publish content management system, one of the more powerful free CMS available. To learn more about eZ Publish, visit or .

An article in eZ Publish contains the text plus formatting tags that are similar to HTML tags. To learn what tags are available and what one can do with them, read this article.
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