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How to fix FireWire capture in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)
( 26.05.2010 22:36 )
In a Terminal, enter 'gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-firewire.conf'.
Uncomment (remove the #-character at the beginning of the line) ohci1394, sbp2, dv1394, raw1394, and video1394. Then, comment (add a #-character to the beginning of the line) out the firewire-ohci and firewire-sbp2 lines. Save and Quit gedit.
Next, run 'sudo update-initramfs -k all -u' and finally reboot.

Now, when you plugin your camcorder, it should have permission by default (unlike in the past). Vote for this to become the default by indicating that this bug affects you.

( 09.01.2009 00:25 )
Many new distributions including Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 8/9/10 try to route all audio through PulseAudio, but Kino does not play well with PulseAudio. However, there are some easy workarounds....
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( 21.06.2007 20:28 )
Fedora 7 has included a new kernel FireWire subsystem that replaces IEEE 1394. This is causing problems for many users.
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Screencast: Capturing DV
( 21.03.2007 02:21 )
A tutorial video that demonstrates how to configure Firewire and how to capture from a Firewire DV device in Kino.
Download Ogg Theora (46MB)

( 13.03.2007 17:55 )
This is an ultrashort introduction to translating Kino into other languages.
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( 10.03.2007 01:01 )
For the upcoming Kino 1.0 release, I added a cherry on top: integrated publishing to the web video sharing site from within Kino!
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( 22.02.2007 00:06 )
I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on a machine and here is the process I followed to install an unpackaged Kino as simply as possible. These instructions might apply to 6.06 LTS as well.
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Pan and zoom your stills to make dv files
( 06.04.2004 20:52 )
Pan and zoom your stills to make dv files with stills2dv

( 18.01.2004 09:43 )
Using DV Pipe mechanism you can adjust the parameters for your preferred export format and save them for later convenient use from inside Kino. I will show you what I did to export a movie into DivX with custom bit-rate and crop band size values.
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