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Kino and dvgrab related news

( 13.03.2007 17:55 )
This is an ultrashort introduction to translating Kino into other languages.
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( 12.03.2007 00:09 )
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( 10.03.2007 01:01 )
For the upcoming Kino 1.0 release, I added a cherry on top: integrated publishing to the web video sharing site from within Kino!
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( 22.02.2007 00:06 )
I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on a machine and here is the process I followed to install an unpackaged Kino as simply as possible. These instructions might apply to 6.06 LTS as well.
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Video Authoring Application of the Year!
( 21.02.2007 21:14 )
Kino has won a 2006 Members Choice Award for the Video Authoring Application of the Year category. Thanks!

Over 140 clips edited
( 21.02.2007 21:05 )
I'm using kino to work on a film about Free/ Open Source Software. All the clips are going up on the Internet Archive.

My friend went around the world to interview people about free and open source software. I'm editing all the footage to take out the parts where people cough and stuff like that. When I'm done with a clip I put this rough edit on the web under a Creative Commons license. You can go to the archive and download any of the clips for your own use. The link below will take you to the clips.

( 14.01.2007 20:17 )
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( 24.12.2006 00:11 )
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( 23.12.2006 01:06 )
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( 30.10.2006 23:34 )
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( 31.08.2006 23:51 )
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( 21.08.2006 23:57 )
I recently bought the Canon MVX1S digital camcorder and wanted to try and copy the tape to my computer running Gentoo. I was all set for many evenings of kernel compiling and general messing about but no...
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Forums now require registration
( 25.06.2006 22:23 )
Due to web spam, I have to make the forums require registration and authentication. Thank you for your understanding.

( 25.06.2006 22:21 )
[editor: I could have considered this spam, but since the information is truly beneficial and someone took the time, I figured what the hell, why not approve it?!]

The foods that adults or children react to are those foods they eat often

A Food Allergy is defined as an individual's adverse reaction to food. Almost any food can trigger a reaction in a person who is susceptible | News

( 05.06.2006 21:55 )
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Site News
( 03.06.2006 15:04 )
We are sorry for recent service interruptions on this website. First, there was an outage at Then, we transferred the site over to a new server and provider at Now, I have complete control over the site in order to make some improvements that I have wanted for some time. First, I fixed the link to the bug tracker. We are back to using SourceForge now, which is fine with me.

Also, I removed the PayPal link. While there have been a fair number of donations, and we are most gracious for those, it has not been financially rewarding and hardly helpful even at desparate times. In short, there is little value in it for our project. There was some intention to develop features in exchange for a donation, but that did not really happen, and I can not commit to that sort of thing now anyways. Sometimes, I just re-donated the funds to another project! I am quite content with the expressions of gratitude in the e-mails and forum posts.

( 15.04.2006 11:39 )
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( 06.01.2006 13:18 )
Utilizing dvgrab, RedHat Fedora Core 3, on an old Fujitsu Tablet, I now have a portable video capture device that works great.
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( 25.11.2005 12:13 )
Download Kino 0.8.0

This release consists of a lot of small improvements and refinements.
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( 25.11.2005 12:10 )
My new toy was a JVC miniDV camera and the windows based software sucked , it wouldnt work , since I'm a Linux user I thougt I'd try it out on my Linux box
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