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Kino and dvgrab related news

( 15.12.2003 15:13 )
Finally, the GTK2 (GNOME2) port of Kino has arrived! It was not a simple, straight port. We tried to make nice improvements to the GUI overall. Plus, there is a new feature, a scriptable Export/DV Pipe.
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( 24.11.2003 20:24 )
This is a bugfix release and might be the last GNOME1 release before upcoming potentially less stable GNOME2 releases.
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( 24.11.2003 20:17 )
This is a bugfix release to the new features in dvgrab 1.3 plus a new option to select a device if more than one DV device is available.
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( 18.11.2003 03:29 )
Once again, my proprietary OS gave up the ghost, stuck it's legs up in the air and died. Now what? The fear of leaving Pinnacle Studio for a Linux solution put fear and dread in my heart. However, I found that most of my fears were unfounded.
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( 08.11.2003 12:47 )
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( 02.10.2003 10:59 )
smilutils 0.3.0 features a bunch of new utilities for video fx, fullscreen DV playback (supporting all of kino's file formats and DV pipes) and even a utility to transcode DivX, mpeg and many otler formats to Raw DV.
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( 26.09.2003 12:20 )
dvgrab 1.3 is a another major update with new features including AV/C interactive mode, automatic detection of camera on any 1394 card, rawdv on stdin, .dif rawdv support, and capture duration option.
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( 19.06.2003 03:15 )
Thomson VMD 130 works great with Linux !
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( 27.05.2003 12:30 )
The hush PC
After I have seen reports on a new very cool design featuring the new Mini-ITX main boards from VIA Technologies Inc., I decided to try this one. It has on-board firewire too, besides the usual interfaces, so it should make a decent DV/MPEG/MP3 player/ripper/copier.
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( 01.05.2003 21:38 )
I just have managed to configure my system to grab the videos from the Digital8 camera and convert them to MPEG.
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( 04.04.2003 06:21 )
In keeping with tradition, it's been a long time since I've released a new version of smilutils :-).
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( 22.02.2003 18:47 )
It has been a long time since a new release of dvgrab. Dan Dennedy has been slowly adding the improvements that have been developed for Kino as they matured. This version also adds JPEG output with deinterlacing and scaling options developed upon request for a donation (thanks!).
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( 21.02.2003 11:08 )
This version is a bugfix version to critical bugs found in the recent 0.6.3 release. It also adds improvements to AVI writing compatibility, DV (2-pass) encoding, and resampling on WAV import.
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( 03.02.2003 10:50 )
The latest version of Kino fixes a number of bugs while improving the user interface and adding support for Quicktime DV files and dv1394.
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( 19.01.2003 23:38 )
We have set up a PayPal account. If you like the Kino or dvgrab software, consider donating to the Kino Developer Team. This article explains our Donation Policy.
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( 22.12.2002 04:49 )
Knoppix CD
Knoppix is a new Linux distribution (based on Debian 3.0) that includes the ieee1394 device drivers and dvgrab.

It is a Live CD: insert the CD, reboot and you have a fully working Linux system, with no changes to the existing hardware or disk drives. This is a great way to demonstrate Linux (and dvgrab) to friends, without the hassle of actually installing Linux on their machines.
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( 04.11.2002 08:19 )
In order to provide a more immediate support and discussion forum for those that want it, we are pleased to announce the official kino IRC channel can be found on #kino.
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( 21.10.2002 22:59 )
I have adapted the avi2pics program, which was available on the old Kino website, to work with the latest libdv release. This release now works with Debian 3.0.
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( 21.10.2002 08:20 )
Version 0.6 is largely a much needed bugfix and performance enhancement release.
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( 15.09.2002 12:04 )
We are currently working towards the Kino 0.60 release. Charles has written a test case document for the most critical parts of the Kino application, which are the dirty document handling and the FX housekeeping. If you use Kino, please use this test case document to get an idea what needs testing. To get the very latest Kino release, download the latest cvs snapshot from the Kino Download Page or fetch it directly from CVS.

If you find a problem, please report it in our Bugzilla bug tracker . Any bug reports or suggestions for improvement are welcome.
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