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Articles written by Kino users

Article on by Christian Einfeldt
( 12.03.2009 09:28 )
Christian Einfeldt, producer of the Digital Tipping Point video series on, has authored an article on Kino titled Video Editing Made Easy with Kino! that is making its way around various sites.

Kino review on
( 04.10.2007 22:33 )
There is nice, favorable review of Kino 1.1.1 on!

Over 140 clips edited
( 21.02.2007 21:05 )
I'm using kino to work on a film about Free/ Open Source Software. All the clips are going up on the Internet Archive.

My friend went around the world to interview people about free and open source software. I'm editing all the footage to take out the parts where people cough and stuff like that. When I'm done with a clip I put this rough edit on the web under a Creative Commons license. You can go to the archive and download any of the clips for your own use. The link below will take you to the clips.

( 13.12.2006 00:22 )
One small change and we were away!
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( 13.12.2006 00:05 )
I shoot a lot of video to provide visual feedback to the runners I coach (800m to Marathon distance). I need to spend time analyzing and coaching, not at my computer. Kino just works. Period. It is exactly what I need.
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( 21.08.2006 23:57 )
I recently bought the Canon MVX1S digital camcorder and wanted to try and copy the tape to my computer running Gentoo. I was all set for many evenings of kernel compiling and general messing about but no...
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( 25.06.2006 22:18 )
It took severn years, but I am able to capture, export and manipulate video from my miniDV camcorder...and with less effort than I had expected.
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( 25.06.2006 22:16 )
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( 06.01.2006 13:18 )
Utilizing dvgrab, RedHat Fedora Core 3, on an old Fujitsu Tablet, I now have a portable video capture device that works great.
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( 25.11.2005 12:10 )
My new toy was a JVC miniDV camera and the windows based software sucked , it wouldnt work , since I'm a Linux user I thougt I'd try it out on my Linux box
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( 25.11.2005 12:09 )
Utilizing dvgrab, RedHat Fedora Core 3, on an old Fujitsu Tablet, I now have a portable video capture device that works great.
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( 17.05.2005 18:28 )
I never write titles like that, but it's never been this easy...
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( 17.05.2005 18:27 )
My Samsung MiniDV that I had for three years and hiccupped with any 1394 device
fried from just charging and rewinding a dv tape at the same time. I bought a new Canon Elura 60 and it works great with Kino!
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( 06.04.2004 20:54 )
I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone! I managed to get my Panasonic MX500 to work with my Gentoo Box, and i must say it works like charm!
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( 18.01.2004 09:39 )
[Ed. This was submitted in May 2003, but it was overlooked, so I wanted to post this since the user has such an enthusiastic success story. :-) ]
Red Hat 9 - JVC GR-DV3000U, Pyro ADS firewire card
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( 18.11.2003 03:29 )
Once again, my proprietary OS gave up the ghost, stuck it's legs up in the air and died. Now what? The fear of leaving Pinnacle Studio for a Linux solution put fear and dread in my heart. However, I found that most of my fears were unfounded.
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( 19.06.2003 03:15 )
Thomson VMD 130 works great with Linux !
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( 27.05.2003 12:30 )
The hush PC
After I have seen reports on a new very cool design featuring the new Mini-ITX main boards from VIA Technologies Inc., I decided to try this one. It has on-board firewire too, besides the usual interfaces, so it should make a decent DV/MPEG/MP3 player/ripper/copier.
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( 01.05.2003 21:38 )
I just have managed to configure my system to grab the videos from the Digital8 camera and convert them to MPEG.
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( 25.08.2002 07:53 )
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