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I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on a machine and here is the process I followed to install an unpackaged Kino as simply as possible. These instructions might apply to 6.06 LTS as well.

Install dependent packages

Using synaptic or apt-get, enable the universe repository and install the following packages:

To use CVS HEAD (1.0 release candidate)

$ cvs login
(press Enter at password prompt)
$ cvs -z3 co -P kino
$ cd kino
$ ./

To use a release tarball

$ tar -xzf kino-0.9.5.tar.gz
$ cd kino-0.9.5


$ ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-quicktime
$ make
$ sudo make install


This installs non-Free utilities used by Kino export
Using synaptic or apt-get enable the multiverse repository
and install the following packages:


(You might need to logout and log back in for this to show up.)
From the Applications menu choose Sound & Video -> Kino


In order to use Firewire DV cameras on Ubuntu with this
build, you must have read and write permission to
/dev/raw1394, which is not enabled by default. You can run
Kino with sudo to workaround this. Alternatively, change the
system configuration which governs the device file
permission, even if you reboot:
$ sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules

Press Ctrl+F and search for "raw1394"
Read the security warning. Realize the security risk only applies when you have a Firewire storage device connected and the raw1394 module loaded. If you decide to accept this risk, change 'GROUP="disk"' to 'GROUP="video"'.
Click Save and close gedit.

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