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For the upcoming Kino 1.0 release, I added a cherry on top: integrated publishing to the web video sharing site from within Kino!

I think the web video sharing site is top notch for the following reasons:

Ever since I added the metadata and publishing features to Kino under contract, I have been looking for ways to reuse them and extend them for the general user. Previously, I added the ability to apply the metadata to certain file exports (Ogg Theora, MP4) and then the ability to export the metadata to a SRT subtitle (File->Save As). At first, it seemed like a good move would be the ability to post to YouTube, but then I decided in favor of for the above reasons.

Download this screencast in Ogg Theora format (18MB) showing the Kino publishing feature in action. The only runtime dependency you might not have is ffmpeg2theora.

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