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Many new distributions including Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 8/9/10 try to route all audio through PulseAudio, but Kino does not play well with PulseAudio. However, there are some easy workarounds....

I tried to add direct PulseAudio support to Kino, but that created an audio/video synchronization problem. Resolving this would require rewriting a substantial portion of Kino, but I ceased active development of Kino 2 years ago. Therefore, I did some testing and found two easy workarounds.

Because Kino frequently opens and closes the audio device, it will frequently connect and disconnect with the pulseaudio service. Therefore, routing Kino's audio through PulseAudio might not be so convenient. The default configuration of Kino uses the ALSA "default" PCM, which distros hook into to route to PulseAudio. Therefore, to bypass PulseAudio, you can try setting the Audio Device to "plughw:0,0" (or some other PCM that you know you prefer) in Kino's Preferences.

If you really do want to send Kino's audio to PulseAudio, then I found the OSS emulation does not create an audio/video synchronization issue. Simply set the Audio Device to "/dev/dsp" in Kino's Preferences and then run Kino using the "padsp kino" command. You can edit your desktop menu item to make that permanent (or until your package gets upgraded :-/).

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