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I just have managed to configure my system to grab the videos from the Digital8 camera and convert them to MPEG.

The keywords by Mandrake were "urpmi" and "Penguin Liberation Front". After I have learned how to use Mandrake-specific tool urpmi ( here one can find the suitable configurator ), everything went smoothly. I have just installed every singe package was mentioned on kino page, well that's what we have these huge hard-drives for, anyway :). Actually there was not much to install , just below 50 Meg anyway.

For all you Mandrake users, I had problem with the disk 2 of distribution, urpmi could not read it. Just put it in the cd-drive anyway, hit enter, wait for error message and restart urpmi, it will get the package from the cache this time and everything will be OK.

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