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I never write titles like that, but it's never been this easy...

My partner is making a documentary. she's spent two months so far, scripting and shooting and planning. Last week, finally, the big day came : she was ready to start importing video onto her big new firewire drive. so she fired up Premiere (windows98SE), plugged in the (panasonic NV-DS60) camera, and ... nothing. a little early and unrepeated success in virtualdub, everywhere else... nothing. nothing nothing nothing. and the more solutions we tried, the worse it got.
by the end of the week we were considering paying a studio.

halfway through the week, a friend gave me his old firewire card (VIA VT2602). so now we had two options: reinstall windows, or try doing the capture on my (gentoo kernel2.6) computer.

two hours later, i have video. sound, camera control, timecodes, everything we hoped for!!!

thank you all...

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