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Arne Schirmacher

Arne launched the project and authored the core classes for handling AVI, the SMIL (Playlist), and the DV Frame abstraction, and he wrote the initial DV capture code. He also pioneered the idea of the vi keyboard command set. While he has not continued on as a main developer, he remains as a project sponsor maintaining the web server.

Dan Dennedy

Dan started hacking on Kino shortly after Arne announced it and made it available. His primary focus in the beginning was on the FireWire control and I/O and audio/video I/O. Since then, he has been a lead developer on nearly all aspects of Kino, especially the user interface, project direction, quality control (bug squashing), Trim, and metadata/publishing.

Charlie Yates

Charlie started working on Kino shortly before the 0.50 release and was the main force behind its release. He contributed major portions including framework, timeline , fx, and export.