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It took severn years, but I am able to capture, export and manipulate video from my miniDV camcorder...and with less effort than I had expected.

The software supplied by JVC was broken so Iwas only able to access the digital stills. I had tinkeredm but had no success getting Kino to talk to the camera.

Last summer I decided to purchase a SIIG combo card, 1394a, 1394b and a gigabit ethernet card(anticipating possible need for the future)

As I am not a devloper, docs were a bit scant for me, but I configured the recent kenrnel as suggested.

I found over the last couple of months that gscanbus recognizes the camera, but eventually locks up.Yesterday I discovered dvgrab offered camcorder control in interactive mode. But is was today I did my first, but limited capture, by accident, so I decide to give Kino another try.

With kernel 2.6.15-gentoo-r1, libraw1394-1.2.0, libiec61883-1.0.0-r1,
libdv-0.102, libdc1394-1.0.0.

I'm using the "a" port on this card(I was trying to save some money and th "b" cable was a bit more than I wanted.

Though my experience is limited at this time I had some video from a martial arts tournament I wanted to edit and give tomy instructor. Kino in capture mode seems to do just that adding thumbnails to the storyboard window.

FX seems to function, etc.

I'm wishing I had a "b" cable now, but I'm veryexcited about Kino and dvgrab. Cinelerra is on my list when I can manage to download it.

I had lost hope this camcorder would ever do what I had hoped it would! No more. Now if I can manage to access this digital stills!

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