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I shoot a lot of video to provide visual feedback to the runners I coach (800m to Marathon distance). I need to spend time analyzing and coaching, not at my computer. Kino just works. Period. It is exactly what I need.

I am a recent convert to GNU/Linux (two years now) so I am still just learning my way around. The only thing that I still found myself going back to my windows installation for was video editing. And because I was having to switch back and forth I didn't use video feedback with my athletes as much as I should have. Until I tried Kino, that is.

In video taping athletes I shoot a lot of short segments of them on the track or longer ones of them on a treadmill. It is important for them to see the video to correct their mental image of what they are doing and for me to see if there are any potential biomechanical issues that could lead to injury. With Kino I plug in my video camera (Canon Optura 20), hit the download button and walk away knowing that each scene will be split into it's own raw dv file (something that not all windows video apps do; and thanks to Kino I now use dv, because not all .avi is the same). I can then rearrange them in the edit window so that they are in the correct order, apply effects to segments so that they can see what is happening in slow motion, and then export them all to an mpeg file to burn on a CD/DVD or dv file for archiving.

As is typical it took 10 percent of my time to learn how to do 90% of what I need to do to be a more effective coach with video feedback. The only things Kino cannot do are scene splitting and inserts so that runners can see themselves running side by side with other athletes that have different (ie better) technique. For this I still have to go to Cinelerra-CV, which has a much steeper learning curve, and is way more than what I really need. Once these are implemented in Kino, I won't have to worry about that.

Great work Team Kino. Thank you for making my life easier and helping me to improve my athletes performance.

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