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Download Kino 0.9.4

0.9.4 Release Notes

  • New KinoPlus-based FX plugins: Colour Average, Charcoal, Gamma, Jerky, Pan & Zoom, Pixelate, Composite Transition, Blue and Green Chroma Key
  • New Fade In and Fade Out video filters
  • Added non-WAV file support to audio filters Dub and Mix when you have ffmpeg and oggdec installed
  • New Audio Gain filter with curve control
  • Added curve controls to audio filters Dub and Mix
  • Improved FX preview with multithreaded frame dropping (much better audio)
  • Improved playback in Edit with frame dropping enabled
  • Improved consistency and usability of FX user interface through tooltips, labels, and percentage-oriented widgets
  • Added recent files (projects only) to File menu
  • New docbook-based manual with collaboration website:
  • Internationalisation support for online help (translations pending)
  • Online help now uses Yelp under GNOME to view docbook XML and Konqueror under KDE to view docbook-converted HTML
  • New crash auto-recover feature that restores undo history (stored in $HOME/.kino-history)
  • Updated translations: French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian.
  • Added automatic widescreen and proper PAL support to Export/Other scripts

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