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Good software deserves a good website. The new Kino website may not have the greatest design yet, but it is at least somewhat better and has many more features.

After renting a dedicated server I'm now finally able to run a decent PHP content management system. The problem with the previous web hoster was that they have a standard setup, which was incompatible with some cutting-edge CMS programs.

The major feature of the new website is that the readers (in other words, you) can contribute articles and even software such as patches and utilities.

Most open source projects have good support for dealing with source code; there are several frontends for CVS and web based bug trackers, for example.
However many projects, including this one, lack user and programmer documentation, tutorials and other written materials. If you like the software and want to return something to the community but can't write code, you can now pick any subject and write an article, or you can add to and improve existing pages.

Over the next few days I will duplicate all text from the previous website into this one, and write a few notes on how to submit articles.

And yes, this new website has the Kino 0.51 release too! Check out the download page.

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