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This website is built on the eZ Publish content management system, one of the more powerful free CMS available. To learn more about eZ Publish, visit or .

An article in eZ Publish contains the text plus formatting tags that are similar to HTML tags. To learn what tags are available and what one can do with them, read this article.

The eZ Publish rendering system

eZ Publish runs all articles through a rendering module, which parses the text and processes all extra formatting tags.
The author can attach images and binary files to the article. The article design is done with templates, which guarantees that all articles have a consistent look.

There are two ways of entering an article in our website:
  • Using the „Submit Article“ webpage
  • Using an editor program
The editor is much easier to operate, but it is not free. It is well worth the money though, because it would have me take days to write a fairly complex page like this tag sample page. However for simple articles the builtin editor is adequate. Let's see what formatting tags are available:


Here’s how headlines are written:

Item Code

Big headline

<header 1>Big headline</header>

Medium headline

<header 2>Medium headline</header>

Small headline

<header 3>Small headline</header>


These styles are available:

Item Code

bold text
italic text
underlined text
striked text
strong text

<bold>bold text</bold>
<italic>italic text</italic>
<underline>underlined text</underline>
<strike>striked text</strike>
<strong>strong text</strong>


We can use bullets and ordered lists.

Item Code

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • black
  • white


  1. veni
  2. vidi
  3. vici



Item Code

email link:
mail me

<mail kino@invalid.null , mail me>

http link:
Visit this website

<link Visit this website>
file link:
Download this stuff
(must be uploaded to website before)

<file 1 Download this stuff>

Page Break

A page break splits one article in separate pages, with an additional navigation element at the bottom.




All examples above are written using a table. The second parameter in the code is the border width.

<table 60% 1>
    <td>Cell 1</td>
    <td>Cell 2</td>
    <td>Cell 3</td>
    <td>Cell 4</td>


eZ Publish has good support for various image formats, because it is using the „convert“ program from the ImageMagick package. An article can have many images attached. Upload your image(s) during creation of the article.
Images sizes are one of small, medium, large or original.
Image alignment is one of left, middle or right.

You can refer to your images using this code:

Item Code

the flower
I found this nice image in the eZ Publish distribution.

<image 1 right small >


Here's a factbox.

Item Code

It goes against the grain of modern education to teach children to program. What fun is there in making plans, acquiring discipline in organizing thoughts, devoting attention to detail and learning to be self-critical?

The phenomena surrounding computers are diverse and yield a surprisingly rich base for launching metaphors at individual and group activities. Conversely, classical human endeavors provide an inexhaustible source of metaphor for those of us who are in labor within computation. Such relationships between society and device are not new, but the incredible growth of the computer's influence (both real and implied) lends this symbiotic dependency a vitality like a gangly youth growing out of his clothes within an endless puberty.

... the facts


If you want to display code, like the examples above, use this:

Item Code

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    printf("Hello world\n");
    return 0;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { 
    printf("Hello world\n"); 
    return 0; 

Native HTML

If these tags are not powerful enough, you can of course use your own HTML code:

Item Code

Do anything you want.

<big><big><big>Do </big>anything </big>you </big>want.


Christian thinks that:
Es darf daher getrost, was auch von allen, deren Sinne, weil sie unter Sternen, die, wie der Dichter sagt: "versengen, statt zu leuchten", geboren sind, vertrocknet sind, behauptet wird, enthauptet werden, daß hier einem sozumaßen und im Sinne der Zeit, dieselbe im Negativen als Hydra gesehen, hydratherapeutischen Moment ersten Ranges - immer angesichts dessen, daß, wie oben, keine mit Rosenfingern den springenden Punkt ihrer schlechthin unvoreingenommenen Hoffnung auf eine, sagen wir, schwansinnige oder wesentielle Erweiterung des natürlichen Stoffgebietes zusamt mit der Freiheit des Individuums vor dem Gesetz ihrer Volksseele zu verraten sich zu entbrechen den Mut, was sage ich, die Verruchtheit haben wird, einem Moment, wie ihm in Handel, Wandel, Kunst und Wissenschaft allüberall dieselbe Erscheinung, dieselbe Frequenz den Arm bieten, und welches bei allem, ja vielleicht gerade trotz allem, als ein mehr oder minder modulationsfähiger Ausdruck einer ganz bestimmten und im weitesten Verfolge excösen Weltauffasseraumwortkindundkunstanschauung kaum mehr zu unterschlagen versucht werden zu wollen vermag - gegenübergestanden und beigewohnt werden zu dürfen gelten lassen zu müssen sein möchte.

(Google translation:

It therefore may confidently which also of all, their sense, because it under stars, those, as the poet says: "verse towards, instead of to shine", born are, dried are, stated, beheaded that here to sozumassen and in the sense of the time, the same in negatives hydratherapeutischen the moment of first rank - always in view of its, as Hydra seen, that, as above, with rose fingers the crucial point of their absolutely impartial hope for one, say none we, swan-intimate or wesentielle extension of of the natural material area zusamt with the liberty of the individual before the law of their people soul to betray itself to the entbrechen courage, which legend I, which will have Verruchtheit, one moment, like it in trade, change, art and science all everywhere the same feature, the same Frequency the arm offer, and which with everything, perhaps straight despite everything, when more or less modulationable expression of a completely determined pursues and in the furthest excoesen Weltauffasseraumwortkindundkunstanschauung hardly more to suppress is tried to want is able - faces and is attended to be allowed apply to let to have to have would like.

The code:


Attached files

retrieves the kino cvs release

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