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We are currently working towards the Kino 0.60 release. Charles has written a test case document for the most critical parts of the Kino application, which are the dirty document handling and the FX housekeeping. If you use Kino, please use this test case document to get an idea what needs testing. To get the very latest Kino release, download the latest cvs snapshot from the Kino Download Page or fetch it directly from CVS.

If you find a problem, please report it in our Bugzilla bug tracker . Any bug reports or suggestions for improvement are welcome.

I've started drafting a test case doc. Feel free to work through these cases and report anything that doesn't match the behaviour as I report it (or if you feel that the behaviour is non-standard or confusing).

Tests are divided into 9 sections:

  1. Command Line Usage
  2. Editing
  3. Capture
  4. Timeline
  5. Trim
  6. Export
  7. FX
  8. V4L
  9. Preferences

(Umm... unsurprisingly that pretty much matches the notebook tabs and it provides another reason for plug-ins ... less testing ;-)).

Each section contains many tests which I've divided into a minimum of two lines:

n.m action to carry out
--> expected result

Further lines may appear to show the actual results when they deviate from what I expected or if there are special cases to consider.

Sequential tests are indicated as:

n.m.o action to carry out
--> expected result

It is suggested that you run top or gtop during the testing and note cpu hikes or any excessive memory usage related to an operation.

0. Introduction

The following test cases relate primarily to the main window titling, dirty flag indication and exit behaviour of kino.

The expected behaviour at all points is summarised as:

  • the window title should have a format of 'Kino : [*]' where the Version is the kino version being tested, file is the smil file being edited and the * is used to indicate that the smil file is in a changed/unsaved state
  • an unnamed doc should have a title of 'Untitled'
  • attempting to exit the application, open another smil or create a new smil while in the unsaved state should bring up a modal dialog (for Yes/No/Cancel operations)
  • Whether unsaved or not, any attempt to exit or change smils while unused FX rendered files are in existence should bring up a dialog to offer the chance to remove these files (again, Yes/No/Cancel operations)
  • the title inherits the name of the first smil opened or inserted IF no title currently exists AND the playlist is empty[1]
  • save as will only change the title and dirty state when is untitled - in all other cases it has no effect

Excluded from this version is a fail safe saving of the current smil - should kino crash before saving, the changes will be lost and rendered files will not be cleaned up properly.

The tests below are by no means exhaustive, but they should cover typical use cases - it is advised that creativity is encouraged with more cases being added if necessary.

[1] If you wish to insert an existing smil into a new project, you must save the empty doc first (note that cleaning fx files will break the inserted smil).

1. Command Line Usage

1.1 Start kino with no files, file/exit kino
--> no dialogs on close

1.2 Start kino with no files, try any number of edit commands and exit
--> doc remains untitled and no dirty status is indicated, no dialog on close

1.3 Start kino with no file, save an empty smil, exit
--> doc title changes, no dialog on close

1.4 Start kino with a smil, file/exit kino
--> smil as title and no dialogs on close

1.5 Start kino with a number of avi or dv files, file/exit kino
--> untitled +, save dialog (answer no)
--> no smil generated

1.6 Start kino with a smil followed by a bunch of avi or dv files, file/exit
--> smil +, save dialog (answer no)

1.7 Start kino with a bunch of avi or dv files followed by a smil, file/exit
--> untitled +, save dialog (answer no)

1.8 Start kino with a bunch of invalid files
--> untitled and empty doc generated

1.9.0 Start kino with a bunch of valid files and exit
--> untitled *, save dialog (answer cancel)
--> still untitled * and returned to editor

1.9.1 Exit again
--> save dialog (answer yes)
--> smil is saved, kino is exited

2. Editing

2.1.0 start kino with no files, open smil via file/open
--> title is smil

2.1.1 file/new
--> no dialog, untitled

2.1.2 open smil1, open smil
--> smil1 title, no dialog, smil title

2.1.3 Change contents using editor (do as many operations as you can be bothered with - try undo/redo and check the title as you go)
--> title should show smil + unless you undo all the way back.
--> undo won't go back past the last open

2.1.4 file new while title has a +, respond with cancel
--> title with + remains

2.1.5 new while title has a +, respond with no
--> doesn't save, untitled (empty playlist)

2.1.6 Confirm undo/redo does nothing
--> no change

2.1.7 open smil, make changes, file/new
--> save dialog (say yes), untitled

2.2.0 Save an empty smil
--> title changes from untitled to smil

2.2.1 Insert another.smil
--> title remains as smil, * is added
+++ This test fails at the moment

2.2.2 Undo
--> title remains as smil, * is removed
+++ This test fails at the moment

3. Capture

3.1.0 Start capture with no 1394 kernel modules loaded
--> Modal dialog informing us of the fact

3.1.1 Load modules and return to capture
--> All buttons are active
Special case: non av/c supporting hardware?

3.2 Confirm behaviour of transport bar
--> These buttons should behave logically

3.3 Capture some stuff and return to the editor
--> new files added to smil, dirty indicator shown

3.4 Capture some stuff and attempt to exit the app
--> new files should be added to the smil, dialog should appear re: saving

4. Timeline

4.1 Confirm that all actions here have no effect on the edited smil
--> No changes

5. Trim

5.1 Confirm that modifications here change the smil on returning to the editor
--> changes should be reflected by the dirty indicator
+++ This test fails at the moment

6. Export

6.1 Confirm that all actions here have no effect on the edited smil
--> no changes

7. FX

* Need to add many more tests here *

7.1.0 Open smil, run an effect over a few frames
--> title is smil +

7.1.1 undo effect
--> title is smil

7.1.2 file/new or exit
--> fx file no longer used, press cancel (same playlist)

7.1.3 redo
--> title is smil + and fx scene is back

7.1.4 undo and apply another effect, undo, file/new or exit
--> title is smil, press cancel

8. V4L

To be done - similar to section 3. Transport bar acts as a crappy tuner (... really need to something about that... sigh...)

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