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I have adapted the avi2pics program, which was available on the old Kino website, to work with the latest libdv release. This release now works with Debian 3.0.

Download the new release here.

Plans for future releases include additional parameters for resolution, help etc.

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Comment List

Topic: Author:
avi2pics program
Len Trigg 23.11.2002 11:48

What does this program actually do?

Couple of Bugs and Suggestions
Charles Yates 22.10.2002 01:28

Compilation on my mandrake system required me to change a couple of things, notably the Makefile, where a minimal change would be:

avi2pics: frame.o avi.o riff.o error.o avi2pics.o
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) frame.o avi.o riff.o error.o avi2pics.o -o avi2pics -ldv -lgdk_imlib `gtk-config --libs`

(but there are other issues here, such as hard coded include paths).

During execution, you have a fairly large memory leak - add:

gdk_imlib_destroy_image( im );

after the save.

Otherwise, adding command line switches to narrow down the exported frames, change the frame frequency (ie: 1 frame in 25) and image dimensions would be welcome. Raw DV support would also be very useful. Another useful thing would be the ability to select the output format (ie: jpg, png, ppm) with an optional pipe output for ppm :-).