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This version is a bugfix version to critical bugs found in the recent 0.6.3 release. It also adds improvements to AVI writing compatibility, DV (2-pass) encoding, and resampling on WAV import.

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V 0.6.4 Release Notes

A major bug appeared v0.6.3 that affected DV capture. This release fixes that
while addressing a few additional bugs noticed in 0.6.4 with respect to the
scene strip/storyboard view.

We have also improved the compatibility of the AVI files we write. AVIs were
tested against a number of Windows applications including Windows Media Player
(DirectShow), Sonic Foundry Vegas Video, MainConcept MainActor, MGI VideoWave,
ULead VideoStudio and VirtualDub in addition to popular Free Software titles
like avifile, transcode, and mplayer. There remains an issue with video playback
in DirectShow AVI reading OpenDML type2 files.

A major new addition to this release is two pass DV encoding for greatly
improved results especially over multiple generations of decoding and encoding.
The sacrifice, of course, is performance. Two pass encoding is at least 2x the
speed of single pass and closer to 2.5x. You must enable it within Preferences
within the Other tab.

Changes by Dan Dennedy:
- bugfix opening Quicktime DV without audio track
- bugfix segfault on buffer underrun in dv1394 capture
- bugfix resource leak on current scene highlight by making threads detached
- bugfix error handling on disk run full in capture
- pause playback in edit and trim when use scrub bar
- AVI writing compatibility improvements
- bugfix scene list not updating with playlist changes
- bugfix MoreInfo and current scene highlight in the Trim page reflecting
correct frame and file in some cases.
- bugfix segfault on leaving Export/1394 or Export/DV File with background
- remove Frame::ExtractBGR0() resulting in bugfix for recent libavcodec
- expose more jogshuttle actions: undo, redo, split
- add resampling on WAV input to FX/Audio/Transition/[Dub|Mix]
- bugfix clipping on FX/Audio/Transition/Cross Fade

Changes by Charlie Yates:
- added two pass DV encoding

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