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smilutils 0.3.0 features a bunch of new utilities for video fx, fullscreen DV playback (supporting all of kino's file formats and DV pipes) and even a utility to transcode DivX, mpeg and many otler formats to Raw DV.

The major new utilities contained in smilutils 0.3.0 are ppmfilter, rawphay and ffmpeg2raw.

ppmfilter is a comprehensive and extendible utility for running video effects over streams of PPM images. It supports alpha blending, plug-ins and a huge number of effects which incorporate the effectv fx (from You will find a tutorial at and the forthcoming revision of kinoplus will provide a simple/restricted interface in kino.

rawplay can be used with pipes or pre-captured files to provide fullscreen and windowed playback. Since it's based on SDL, you will need the SDL libraries installed. It also can run independently of X (hardware dependent) and has proven portable to OS/X. Finally it provides transport controls similar to kino when playing back file content (various fast forward/rewind speeds can be obtained by using the number keys).

ffmpeg2raw is a utility that I've been wanting for a long time :-). It transcodes all formats supported by the excellent ffmpeg package into Raw DV, producing PAL or NTSC output as required. It's typically not fast enough to render in real time, though there are some switches which allow you to cheat (like encoding one frame in 2).

To produce scaled PAL output, most content works by simply running:

ffmpeg2raw -a input > file.dv

To produce scaled NTSC output, most content works by simply running:

ffmpeg2raw -n -a input > file.dv

Occasionally, ffmpeg misreports the frame rate of the video, so you may need to specify a -r fps when encoding (you'll know if you need to - output will terminate very early).

You can also apply video filters via tle -vhook switch and the ppmfilter utility.

Note that if you're compiling from source, you will need ffmpeg 0.4.8 (earlier versions will not work or will work poorly) from and you need to configure smilutils with:

./configure --with-ffmpeg=/full/path/to/ffmpeg-0.4.8

where /full/path/to/ffmpeg-0.4.8 is the full path to the build directory of ffmpeg 0.4.8 (ie: don't use .. or ~).

If you configure ffmpeg with lame or vorbis, then add --enable-mp3lame and --enable-vorbis as required.

ffmpeg2raw will be supported in the next revision of kinoplus too.

Note that ffmpeg also provides excellent support for transcoding DV. For example, to convert a kino project to mpeg, you can use:

smil2raw project.smil |
ffmpeg -f dv -i - -f mpeg -s 320x240 -qscale 4 -ab 128 file.mpeg

OK - that covers the major stuff. All the old utils are there and mebbe there's a couple of things I've forgotten....

Updated tarball - there were a couple of missing files in the tarball and a potential mssue with imlib configuration in the previous file - new file attached.

Attached files

smilutils 0.3.0

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