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This is a bugfix release and might be the last GNOME1 release before upcoming potentially less stable GNOME2 releases.

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This is a bugfix release. One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of
libsamplerate for superior audio resampling. This, combined with libdv from
CVS or next scheduled release 0.100, should fix most audio problems
encountered when dubbing or applying audio fx.

Another change is that Kino now reads the audio track from a Quicktime or
AVI type2 file. Previously, it would only read the DV video track, which,
by nature of the DV format, also includes audio. Other tools may mixdown the
audio into the audio track of these respective formats without additionally
encoding it into the DV video track. When Kino reads this audio track, it
encodes it into the DV stream in realtime so it can be exported properly
over IEEE 1394 without any additional step.

Finally, to fix compilation with gcc 3.3, gettext was re-added. Please do not
send translations for this version. This is the end of the GNOME1 code stream.
Translations will be gladly accepted for the upcoming GNOME2 0.7.0 release.

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