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I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone! I managed to get my Panasonic MX500 to work with my Gentoo Box, and i must say it works like charm!

When I thought about downloading my movies to the computer I seemed to me that it will be too complicated, but it turned out to be quite easy (probably thanks to great tutorials on linux1394 and kino sites and coolness of gentoo ( package management system called Portage - sorry for the spam, i just couldn't help myself :-).
So, everything works great and now I'm compressing a video of my niece 4th birthday (51 minutes left) into DivX.
I think that Kino 0.7 is a great app, but after a couple of hours i've stumbled upon some bugs (i.e kino crashes when it runs out of free space on disk) - some of them critical because thay destroyed my project file. also some new features would be great (for example a possibility to save a current frame from a edit tab to a file - now i have to remember the number of that frame, go to export tab, select from frame to same frame, and then export. imagine how anoying it is, when you have a lot of stills saved on your tape.
but in general i think Kino is great (especially i like jogshuttle and a storyboard)!
big thanks to the developoers! you guys are great!

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