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The first High Definition Disk Drive Recorder running on Linux in which the clients receive the source code. (From the editor: This is not directly related to Kino or dvgrab, but the article was submitted, and we like these guys.)

SpectSoft announces shipment of RaveHD, the first open source video disk recorder.

Oakdale, Ca., March 23, 2004 - SpectSoft, LLC has released the next generation of video disk recorder software running on Linux.

RaveHD is the second generation of video disk recording software geared towards high end visual effects and post production workflows. By utilizing an open source model, the Linux operating system, and commodity PC hardware, RaveHD allows it's users to leverage the entire gamut of Linux based tools as well as minimizing total cost of ownership.

RaveHD is data agnostic, in that it scales from standard definition all the way to dual link (4:4:4 RGB) high definition video. This is dependent only on the hardware running inside the PC.

Due to it's Linux based, open source nature the software has been written to utilize a standard XFS filesystem as well as standard image file formats. This allows users to quickly access it's content via any common file transfer protocol. Also, since the source code to the software is available to the customer, the level of customization and integration far surpasses that of any of it's proprietary counterparts.

Software features include: Centralized database asset tracking, LUT based color correction, RP-188 (embedded SDI timecode) support, RS-422 master (deck control) and slave (deck emulation), Web based asset and DDR management tools, client/server based, Varicam support, programmable cadence (2:3), metadata burn-in, and multitrack audio.

Jason Howard, Lead Developer and company co-founder states, “Creating one way of doing this for every studio was not realistic. Every studio has created their own specific work flow and set of tools that is quite unique. We took the approach of being able to customize this particular tool that has been used for years by the industry. Studios can literary script the hell out of this box to do some really cool things and save time through automation”.

RaveHD is now directly available from SpectSoft, LLC. More information on the product is available at


SpectSoft, LLC, was founded in 1997 to specialize in Linux-based software for use in the film, media, and broadcast industries. Since it's inception, SpectSoft has worked on
technical projects with some of the industries biggest and brightest companies like Dreamworks Animation (Glendale, CA) and Tippett Studio (Berkeley, CA) that both pushed the envelope and furthered the state of the art in the film pipeline process. Throughout the years, SpectSoft has been able to maintain a relatively small footprint, the family values, and ownership that make it so unique.

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