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Major new features include metadata editing, 3 point insert editing, some dvdauthor integration, mouse wheel support, and numerous user interface enhancements.

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Release Notes

The new FX UI in Kino 0.7.1

* Added 3 point insert editing
* Trim does more editing now
* Added linear blend deinterlacer for video playback
* Added configurable metadata editing with content management server integration
* Add files to Storyboard as they are captured for immediate metadata entry
* Added scriptable functions to "publish" project file and still frame
* Added autosplit on timecode discontinuity--not just DV new recording flag
* Added duration and number of dropped frames display to Capture
* Added deinterlace and resampling options to Export/Stills
* Added dvdauthor XML export of Kino scenes to DVD chapters
* Added Export/DV Pipe script to use FFMPEG for DVD-Video (plus dvdauthor)
* Removed support for video1394 in Export/IEEE 1394 (only dv1394 now)
* Added support for JL Cooper and other HID-based USB Jog/Shuttle controllers
* Added hotplug support for USB Jog/Shuttle controllers
* Added mouse scroll wheel support for Jog and Shuttle functions
* More Jog/Shuttle button actions
* More keyboard commands
* Many, many small UI changes to be more consistent and HIG compliant
* Added more time display format options and change all frame entry widgets to
time-parsing widgets
* Revised FX UI layout to make less confusing and improve workflow
* Updated online help with some context sensitivity
* Danish translation

Notes to existing users:

* Kino now requires libdv 0.102 or newer.
* Frame numbers displayed and entered in the UI are now based on 0 instead of 1


* for funding development of many new features.
* Matthias Oelmann for USB Jog/Shuttle work and coordinating
* Our PayPal donators.
* Mads Dydensborg for continued contribution; he is now listed as a Kino author.
* Greg Hookey for dvdauthor integration.

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