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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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No AV/C compliant cam connected or not switched on?
Hi. Hope you don't mind my posting this again. Marc posted a message a few weeks back (January 9) with the same title as the one I am using now.
Frank (Guest)Mon Jan-30-06 01:42 AM
by Frankb616
28705 ---
"Command text area" gets unintentional focus when ....
the "Scrub Bar" don't have the focus and pushing the <left-arrow> in Edit and Trim section. (No problems when using the h key to move one frame backwa
bookerSun Aug-18-02 04:04 AM
by lilo_booter
79968 ---
"HaveOrbit" not defined
Hello - Just upgraded my system and trying to reinstall Kino, and I'm running into the following problem on ./configure: checki ng for dirname...
Lokmer (Guest)Wed Mar-12-03 05:51 AM
by Lokmer
68891 ---
"make install" fails for Kino 1.3.0
Hi, I tried installing Kino 1.3.0 from the source tarball on the download page. Configuring and compiling seem to go okay but "make install" fails
mpwFri Apr-04-08 03:50 AM
by JoePc
310949 ---
"Resample audio" on export
This is pretty third grade, but what does that do? It is an export option in under 'DV File', can't get anything from the inbuilt docs. If context
jeff miller (Guest)Sat Sep-10-05 03:02 AM
by jeff m
27281 ---
&quot;Security&quot; issue
I don't think this is quite a security thing, but it is an interesting feature I found. The Shuttlepro _always_ has control over what Kino does. Ev
Jeff M (Guest)Fri Sep-30-05 11:00 AM
by Jeff M
16920 ---
'shuddery' video capture
I am trying to capture video using kino. I am using this hardware; [url]http://wireless lshw[/url] running ubuntu edgy. I see a
sam_ukFri Nov-17-06 07:21 AM
by ddennedy
39298 ---
.debs for 0.6?
When will they be coming?
Tyler Geddes (Guest)Wed Oct-30-02 06:34 PM
by ddennedy
28012 ---
0.5 compile error
Hello, I can't compile kino 0.5 (./configure is ok). I have a SuSE 7.2 with kernel 2.4.14 and kino 0.46 works. make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src
Ralf Nachtsheim (Guest)Sat Nov-24-01 02:28 AM
by Ralf Nachtsheim
612617 ---
0.50 on Mandrake
Has anyone out there had any sucess getting 0.50 working on Mandrake 8.1? I can get it to compile but it immediately seg faults on execution.
John Wright (Guest)Fri Feb-22-02 11:13 AM
by Mike Chandler
610128 ---
0.6.4 capture woes/lock up
Hi, I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the camera or kino, but here goes anyway. I can successfully capture from my sony trv50 but not my
Tony (Guest)Thu Feb-27-03 03:01 PM
by ddennedy
48332 ---
0.8.0 build fails with new libquicktime?
I've installed the recent libquicktime-0.9.8-p re2. Trying to build kino --with-quicktime. gcc-4.1 on fedora core amd64: if g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
sean darcy (Guest)Thu Apr-13-06 04:32 PM
by ddennedy
59563 ---
0.8.0 crashes on capture on fc5
kino-0.8.0 crashes when I click Capture. I'm running Fedora Core test 1. kino > Kino Common being built > Creating page editor > Creating Captu
sean darcy (Guest)Sun Dec-25-05 09:49 AM
by sean darcy
49074 ---
0.8.0 on FC5 fails import DV AVI
I'm using the kino-0.8.0-2.lvn5 published by on my FC5 machine. When I attempt to import the *.avi.dv file created by the AVI import fac
Ricardo (Guest)Fri May-12-06 05:48 AM
by ddennedy
710962 ---
0.8.1 crash with 'Pan and zoom' FX
- Start kino - Select FX - Select 'Pan and zoom' from video filter -> crash
nbd (Guest)Tue May-09-06 02:25 PM
by grant petersen
27975 ---
0.9.5 compiles fine but - lost my "DV Decoder" slider widget
0.9.5 looks really nice. Ctrl+z w000t!!!! I would like to switch to using 0.9.5 but unless I can slide down the play back quality I can not use
theJaggerMon Jan-29-07 12:15 AM
by theJagger
48575 ---
1.1.0: avi:cc error no. 5
imported a type II dv-avi with windows movie maker 2. Used kino-1.1.0 to trim. I can play the movie and hear the sound in kino. Then I tried to exp
seandarcyWed Jul-25-07 06:12 AM
by ddennedy
18273 ---
1GHZ athlon, 512 MB DDR ram not enough for kino play b
Hello all, I have a 1GHZ Athlon, 512 MB ddr ram, with ata 100 disk, dma turned on. The mobo is ak31a (via kt266a) I use onboard audio. The graphics
Jay Roplekar (Guest)Wed May-15-02 05:27 AM
by ddennedy
29031 ---
2.4.18, it works!
Thanks guy's! RedHat 7.2, kernel 2.4.18, default kino installation.. it really works. Have to figure out now why my sound quality is so poor, but fi
Vincent (Guest)Fri Mar-15-02 06:08 AM
by ddennedy
29267 ---
A lead concerning Dumping Stack problems
With Mandriva 2007 Spring, when I open a file or try to insert a video, I often get the problem : "Dumping stack from the offending thread" I
VlaxamarchTue Jul-10-07 08:53 PM
by Vlaxamarch
39109 ---
a split screen effect ? and how to use the chroma keyeing fx ?
hello, do someone know how to create a split screen fx ? and, i still don't know how to use the green/ nlue chroma keyeing FX. thanks.
edouardlecafardWed Mar-24-10 10:34 AM09597 ---
A way of getting kino to ingest jpeg or png still images
Is there a way of sucking still images into kino and making them into, say, 10s of video? I've tried ffmpeg without any joy :(
dwleggThu Jun-04-09 01:08 PM
by dwlegg
19438 ---
About a celuloid effect
Hi everyone. I had a lot of fun editing and captureing video with kino, and it works great. My camera (samsung SCD352... worse is nothing) has a
Mauricio (Guest)Sun Jul-02-06 05:15 PM
by negrolder
18042 ---
About moving up to Kdenlive
Months ago I saw Dan write that Kino is not being developed anymore and all the developers have gone over to Kdenlive. When someone said something abo
AungSun Jun-10-07 05:00 PM08904 ---
Add Transitions to all video clips at once.
Is it possible to add a transition to all clips with out having to click and apply each one. I would like to just high light all the clips and choose
metalx1000Mon Dec-08-08 10:48 AM
by eugenior
49538 ---
Adding Audio to video ??
All; Well I finally and successfully created my first 3 DVD's, now I would like to add background audio. Can this be done ? I have done some qui
Relic2K (Guest)Sat Sep-10-05 02:47 AM
by ddennedy
18052 ---
Adding multiple AVIs into playlist
Hi, I would like to know whether there is a way to add multiple AVI files to the playlist in one step. I tried: :r ~/movies/*.avi but this didn't w
Vladimir Tucnik (Guest)Thu Jan-10-02 05:03 AM
by ddennedy
28762 ---
adding timestamp as "sub-title" [View all]
Hi there, Can I add a timestamp to the video itself (not filename) while capturing using DVGrab or Kino? Thanks, Sh annon
xrfangSat Feb-09-08 09:19 AM
by ddennedy
3321833 ---
Adjusting brightness and saturation
Hi, first of all i'd like to thank the developers for this great piece of software, for me it's the first useable video editing software for linux
Flo (Guest)Wed Mar-05-03 11:02 PM
by lilo_booter
49301 ---
Advanced audio filtering with NTSC DV
I have an NTSC DV recording with lots of cleanup needed on the audio. There is loud background noise from an airconditioning duct, and many microphon
TeknonWed Nov-05-08 05:44 AM
by ddennedy
19064 ---
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