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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Installing Kino on Fedora 10
I have just reinstalled my computer with Fedora Core 10 I had the repository release.rpm ... and now? what is the next step to
edwin25Wed Dec-17-08 07:47 AM
by ddennedy
18983 ---
Plug-ins and old film look
Hi, I've just now started to use Kino and first I want to tell you that I'm very happy with it so far. Everyone I've asked about it has told m
hangbellyMon Dec-08-08 04:59 PM
by hangbelly
27954 ---
Add Transitions to all video clips at once.
Is it possible to add a transition to all clips with out having to click and apply each one. I would like to just high light all the clips and choose
metalx1000Mon Dec-08-08 10:48 AM
by eugenior
49543 ---
Waiting for capture done??
Hi, I just followed a tutorial on using Kino and appear to have everything setup. My camera (Sony HDR-HC3 high definition, if it matters) is dete
glenn69Sun Nov-30-08 04:10 AM
by ddennedy
311070 ---
Audio and video not tracking
on my athalon box running ubuntu 6.1 the video slips in front of the audio sometimes. As in the video plays too fast I am editing rawdv. what can I
theJaggerSat Nov-22-08 07:52 PM
by capakino
510813 ---
No audio on playback w/ Kino 1.3.0 on Debian GNU/Linux (testing dist).
Using Kino 1.3.0 on a Debian GNU/Linux system ('testing' distribution, updated as of this morning), I have no sound during playback. The file I'm try
kfogelThu Nov-20-08 07:36 AM
by kfogel
27907 ---
Could not install Kino 1.3.2 on Kubuntu 8.04
Hi Folks, since some day's i try to install the kino-1.3.2 program with the classical steps configure make (sudo) checkinstall ( and checkinst
blaufotographThu Nov-20-08 07:29 AM
by ddennedy
410371 ---
Install Kino 1.3.2: configure problem
Hello. When I do configure, I get this error: [code]conf igure: error: Required xvideo (Xv) extension to X not found. Please check that it is ins
piponlineTue Nov-18-08 12:33 AM
by gummih
310182 ---
I am new to DV, please help.
Hi: I am completely new to video editing and Kino, so please bear with me. So far using Kino I have created 5 .dv files. Now, how can I join these
mpajohMon Nov-17-08 02:47 AM
by ddennedy
17867 ---
Export to OGM and AVI Help
I am want to export a movie file i have edited to OGM, sow I can upload it to facebook, sadley they don't support OGG but they do support OGM weird, h
OpenMon Nov-17-08 02:38 AM
by ddennedy
17887 ---
handling of audio in DV clips with drops
I have a DV clip captured from my camera. I believe it has some drops in it, because if I bring this clip into Kino and export a subclip from it onto
twelve17Wed Nov-12-08 05:26 AM
by twelve17
17901 ---
Strange aspect ratio
Using Kino 1.3.0, Unbuntu 8.11. I am importing .mod files taken directly from a JVC Everio Hard Drive camcorder. I am very new to Kino and video editi
dmoultonTue Nov-11-08 05:34 AM
by ddennedy
710059 ---
Advice on import best practice
Hello everybody, i'm new to digital video, and i need to import some dv tapes onto avi files or better still convert them to dvd's. I've run the
fergiWed Nov-05-08 06:04 AM
by ddennedy
18712 ---
Advanced audio filtering with NTSC DV
I have an NTSC DV recording with lots of cleanup needed on the audio. There is loud background noise from an airconditioning duct, and many microphon
TeknonWed Nov-05-08 05:44 AM
by ddennedy
19065 ---
kino2raw - resample audio
It appears that kino2raw resamples audio by default. Is there an option to have it skip this step? I did not see one in the docs. Thanks!
twelve17Mon Oct-27-08 01:32 PM
by twelve17
38710 ---
Unable to use Kino for anything....
I have recently installed Ubuntu Edgy Eft version 6.10 on my 4 year old PowerBook G4. The Edgy version seems to work well on the PowerBook. I wa
ThaiTeachingThu Oct-16-08 05:52 AM
by ddennedy
28672 ---
How to save setup as default.
Everytime I use kino I find myself going into the "FX" and have to change the audio crossfade and other video fx to "No Change". Then since I use t
coldbeerThu Oct-16-08 05:36 AM
by ddennedy
18502 ---
Is it a good idea to upgrade from 1.3.0 ?
I love KINO! I have 144 pre-70's scifi videos on Youtube and every single one of them were edited with KINO. I like the options for video/audio fi
randy263Sun Oct-12-08 03:16 AM
by ddennedy
17492 ---
Gamepad as Jogshutter
Maybe this is stupid question, maybe not; Could gamepad be used as jogshutter (/dev/inpput/js0) in Kino v1.3.1?
sbrbotWed Oct-01-08 12:03 AM
by ddennedy
18139 ---
Export separate scenes
Dear Kino!! I capture video from an old analog video camera through a capture card with this script: nr=1 whi le test $nr -lt 9 do str
salveTue Sep-30-08 11:53 PM
by ddennedy
17901 ---
Export to Quicktime DV crashes
I compiled both kino 1.3.2 and 1.1.1 on Unbunti 8.04 (Hardy). The reason was that I cannot export a quicktime DV with binary package kino 1.1.1-1ubunt
Ed VaessenTue Sep-23-08 01:43 PM
by Ed Vaessen
28056 ---
mp4 Help
I am new to the linux environment, but I am technically savvy. I am using Ubuntu 8.04 with Kino 1.1.1. I am trying to export my captured dv files as
ctconlineTue Sep-23-08 07:37 AM
by ddennedy
18482 ---
kino 1.3.2 on slackware 12.1 Could not write to ALSA: Input/output error
I had kino 1.0.0 on slackware 11.1 and all worked well. I upgraded to slack 12.1 and kino 1.3.2 and when I open a non-dv file (mp4,flv), kino does t
coldbeerMon Sep-15-08 11:15 PM
by coldbeer
18536 ---
Export to "8-DVD" problem
Hello all. When I try to export Kino project to "8-DVD" file format, while using "ffmepg -v -0" in the Audio Encoding option, I get this: "Error
piponlineMon Sep-08-08 10:21 AM
by piponline
27983 ---
auto convert and ffmpeg
I am having problems with kino v.1.1.1 on slackware 12.1 I am not able to import anything. I can convert using ffmpeg from the command line fine (f
shroder300Sun Sep-07-08 06:52 PM
by ddennedy
28532 ---
Keep loosing Firewire connection
I've just bought a Samsung VP-D381 DV camera which I'm having problems using with Kino. If I start up Kino and connect the camera, I'm told AV/C co
mfraserSun Sep-07-08 01:25 PM
by mfraser
19913 ---
Import .avi wrong aspect ratio
I'm about to loose my mind, so I hope someone can help. I have decoded my avchd video to .avi files using m2tstoavi.fifo and now am trying to import t
jevharrSat Aug-30-08 05:37 AM
by ddennedy
27602 ---
No AV/C compliant cam connected or not switched on?
On my Fedora 9 system I'm able to capture video with Kino but can not control my camera. When opening the capture page I got: "No AV/C compliant cam
gjdvMon Aug-25-08 10:08 PM08340 ---
Exporting DV to Mpeg2 compresses time by 60%
Hello *, I merged 30 .dv files I grabed from my camcorder. Kino indicates 30 minutes overall time. After exporting to mpeg2 (8-DVD and YUV deinterl
jhf2442Thu Aug-21-08 09:52 PM
by jhf2442
28111 ---
Problem compiling Kino 1.3.0 on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10
Hi, After a ./configre, I tried to compile Kino 1.3, but with make after a while I get a strange error : "/bin/bash: AR@ : command not found" I'm
dadadelWed Aug-13-08 05:32 AM
by ddennedy
18650 ---
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